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installations Please Touch the Art is a new exhibition of 18 interactive works by Danish artist Jeppe Hein at Brooklyn Bridge Park, including 'rooms' formed by jets of water and a mirror labyrinth… Out on Governors Island, the Holocenter takes up residence, featuring a rotating set of holographic works.

podcast This one's not until September, but given the podcast Serial's obsessed fan base (which includes MUG), this is sure to sell out before you can say mail kimp: Serial's host, Sarah Koenig, and executive producer, Julie Snyder, will be at BAM on September 25, 8pm, to talk about the phenomenon they created. General public tickets go on sale June 9, and start at $35.

movie At age 25, Justin Peck is tapped to create a new ballet, in two months, for the NYC Ballet. The documentary Ballet 422 depicts the creative process without glamorizing it, and the movie is the better for it. Out on DVD next week.

theater Nothing wrong with going to the theater for a big Broadway extravaganza, but if you want something as different as it could possibly be, welcome to NYC's most diminutive theater, consisting of one actor and one audience member. Also it takes place in a black box theater that's actually a black box. There will be performances of new plays by Lynn Nottage, Will Eno and Craig Lucas. Find out more here. The best news: no line for the bathroom.

book Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Hubs of Culture and Creativity by Oriana Leckert, an outgrowth of the website of the same name, celebrates the borough's surge of creativity in the past decade through its imaginative reuse of former industrial buildings. There's a book launch on May 30 at the Gowanus Ballroom.

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