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Useful Tips for First-Time Renters in Manhattan

A renter in their new apartment they found thanks to the useful tips for first-time renters in Manhattan.
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Finding a place to rent is a stressful experience you will be entirely unprepared for if it’s your first time renting. Especially in a place like Manhattan, which has a lot of added difficulties when it comes to housing! As such, here are some valuable tips for first-time renters in Manhattan to help you out!

Be well aware of your budget

Now, if you know Manhattan, you’re likely already aware of real estate prices. So, be it when buying or renting, it will not be cheap. If you let yourself go home hunting without a carefully set budget, you can easily end up making a commitment you cannot realistically afford. Especially since Manhattan does have plenty of amazing apartments that may seem like exceptional opportunities. Also, keep in mind that stepping over your budget once likely means you’ll feel tempted to do it again. So, do not even start slipping!

Decide on must-have features

Since you will need to make some tradeoffs in your search for the best money-to-convenience ratio, you need to decide what you can and can’t live without. For example, how important is it for you to have a washing machine at home? What about a full-sized kitchen? Because if you want an apartment large enough to host both of those, you will likely be looking at a much higher rent price than usual. New York rent prices, including in Manhattan, meaning that most ‘affordable’ apartments tend to be relatively small in size. This naturally means that they lack many built-in amenities you may be used to if you’ve lived outside of New Year before.

An apartment with plenty of natural light is almost always nice.

Plan around limitations

One of the most useful tips for first-time renters in Manhattan is to learn how to work around the limitations their homes place on them. We mentioned not having a washing machine at home. Well, that simply means looking into laundromats in the area. If there is one nearby, go ahead and rent worry-free! Similarly, as the experts on the subject from Divine Moving and Storage like to point out, storage units in Manhattan are surprisingly affordable. Instead of looking for a place with plenty of space for all your stuff and storage needs, it may be a good idea to look for one near a cheap storage unit, instead. This way, you actually end up paying much less than you would for a big enough apartment.

Check your lease terms carefully

Another tip for first-time renters in Manhattan is to carefully go over your lease agreement:


Lack of obvious storage space can be solved.

Location vs. price

Another crucial decision you’ll have to make is deciding whether you’ll prioritize the apartment’s location or its rental price. Apartments and homes for rent in ideal locations tend to cost more to rent than others. Even small properties can end up costing a lot! But they might not have all the comforts or services you might need. Not to mention concerns such as work commute time and similar.

However, there are some services that you don’t have to worry about. Mainly because you can find them almost anywhere, not just in Manhattan but in New York City as well. One such service is organizing an excellent residential move. In fact, Manhattan’s experts can handle transfer quickly and safely to and from all areas of Manhattan. So the only thing you need to worry about is carefully considering the price or location before deciding where to rent a place.

The importance of timing

Also, note that rent prices will vary depending on when you are looking for a place. If you look during the peak renting season, typically the beginning of fall and summer, coinciding with the start and end of summer break, rent prices will be much higher. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place in the dead of winter, you’ll likely come across some much more affordable options. Of course, remember, too, that the selection of properties available will be much spottier in turn. Which can make finding a place you are happy with harder.

The right impression to go for

Part of securing a rental is negotiating with the landlord. And landlords in Manhattan, or even the entirety of New York, tend to be very careful with their properties. This means that if you seem like an unreliable, messy, or even potentially risky renter, they are likely to turn you away. They want people who seem organized, clean, and unlikely to damage their property. In other words, approach any interviews respectfully, look put together and emphasize your cleanliness and care. Families have an advantage here over single or young renters since they typically come across as more ‘reliable’ and less likely to cause trouble.

Things you shouldn’t budge on

The final of our tips for first-time renters in Manhattan are things you shouldn’t compromise on. Even if you are not trying to buy a perfect home and your housing situation is a lot more temporary, some things will still make your stay hell. A prime example would be bug infestations. You do not want to live near a property with a cockroach problem. Even moving is not an immediate solution since they can sneak into luggage, and you just take them to your new place with you! Another example is rentals with plumbing or roofing problems. They make living in a place much more complicated and downright hazardous for your health!

If you find a suspiciously cheap, roomy apartment, ask yourself why.

Final comment

With our useful tips for first-time renters in Manhattan, you should be able to find a nice and reasonably priced place to stay. Remember that doing so can take time, and plan accordingly!

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