The Top 20 Places In The World In 2021

The Top 20 Places In The World In 2021

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The world has not even completely come out of the pandemic that struck the whole population like a storm. Thankfully, many places are open and you can venture out and immerse yourself in travel. To refresh yourself from the work-from-home routine, you can visit the top 20 places globally for 2021.

Here are the top 20 places for the year 2021.


Kenya is one of the best places to visit in 2021, mainly due to its landscape. In addition to this, the population is handling the pandemic quite well. Its Safari lodge and Lemarti’s camp is a must-visit.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are paradise on earth. The fascinating reason to visit them is their alluring beauty and fresh air. The islands are eco-friendly and are running on renewable resources up to 80 percent.

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Located just next to Italy is Slovenia. It is the best place for sustainable tourism with pocket-friendly food and is regarded as a foodie heaven.


The pyramids of Egypt are already well known for being the wonders of the world. Egypt has a lot to offer, such as beautiful antiques and scenery. Moreover, it has the most affordable rates for tourists hence has the best tourist value.

The Island of Tahiti

These islands are a perfect summer vacation destination. In addition to this, they allow visitors without quarantine. The water-dipped bungalows are the most alluring site for your summer off days.

The Maldives

One of the best places for vacation with peace and serenity and a beautiful view is the Maldives. Being alone or with family, disconnected from the outside world to enjoy some time peacefully in the Maldives, is one of the best options.

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The best thing about visiting Colombia is having the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean around you. You can enjoy the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and explore nature too at a low cost. Of course, the quality of the women, the dining, and other aspects also add value to your stay.


Brazil has a variety of places to explore, from exploring beautiful waterfalls free of cost to the seashore and bay of Rio De Janeiro and even the Amazon Rainforest.


Greece is rustic in southeastern Europe with lots of islands in the course of the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in historic times, it is regularly referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. Check here if you want to invest in Greece or if you need assistance for moving to Greece.

Cape Verde

This is labeled as the hidden gem of the country. Nature and culture are the reasons you might want to visit the place.


It is one of the most cost effective places in South Asia. Having places like Tom Coc and Ha Giang to visit.

The Baltic States

The place is well known for its nature, the lakes, red cabins, woodland, and peat bogs that too even at many affordable rates to enjoy. From its rich history to its low cost, it is a place you want to visit and spend some time in.


Laos is sparsely populated with 70% forest depicting an absolute example of nature and beauty. The infrastructure helps take you places, it is cost effective and accessible, with a rural vibe.

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Indonesia is more than just Bali, and it has Java, Lombok, and Komodo Islands, perfect for your summer trips to enjoy a cool breeze.


If you are fond of mountains and heights, then Nepal is the destination. It is one of the cheapest destinations for mountain trekking and enjoying icy weather.

The Philippines

It has one of the most excellent beaches and islands in South Asia with a fascinating mix of US and Spanish individuals that reside there. The island of Palawan and Batanes will not disappoint you in terms of beauty.


The coastal city of Odessa and the Black Sea are travelers’ most favorite places in Ukraine. The apartments for stay are rented at much cheaper rates by the nomads too.


Cuba is a charming tourist destination well known for its Salsa, rum, and vintage cars. The place is aesthetically designed with vintage vehicles and is a treat to the eyes.

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The whole place is very vibrant with a street-style finish. Istanbul is dominated by the ancient culture of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.


It has many cost conscious beach resorts as compared to other places. Places like Cabo and Tulum are the main highlights of Mexico City. Chiapas state is filled with waterfalls, jungles, and Mayan ruins.


Romanian has beautiful churches, medieval towns, and beautiful mountain ranges. That too, even at the lowest price with tasty street food.

Conclusively, you can choose the place according to your preference such as islands or landscapes, beaches or mountains and forest or sea. All these places are in line with your budget with much to offer you as a tourist.


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