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movie It may not be taut storytelling, but Loving Vincent is worth seeing for its brushstrokes. It's the first fully-painted animated movie, immersing you into Van Gogh's life through his own canvases brought to life. At Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

events A great new addition to the LES, Caveat, 21a Clinton [Houston/Stanton] 212.228.2100, wants to 'redefine the boundary between intellect and entertainment' with 'oddball programming' for people who 'love learning, playing and getting tipsy'. So you'll find a wide range of smart talks and events that might include music and comedy. This coming Monday, September 25th, for instance, the inestimable Metropolis Ensemble (new wave classical music) presents Nabokov's 1938 drama The Waltz Invention about a demagogue holding the world hostage, set to live incidental music. Tickets are $20, but Metropolis Ensemble is offering 50% off for MUG readers with the discount code WALTZVIP. Tickets

art Drawn Home, an exhibit of works by Paul Shore at C. G. Boerner, 526 W. 26th [10th/11th] includes 787 drawings, 13 prints and 13 sculptures—every object in the artist's home. It took four years to complete. Inspired by Audubon's The Birds of America, Mr. Shore says that what began as a still-life process deepened as he found himself "digging around in hidden places, uncovering forgotten memories."

music Jane Birkin, with a symphony orchestra, performs Birkin/Gainsbourg: Le symphonique, a tribute to her late husband Serge Gainsbourg at Carnegie Hall on February 1. Why are we telling you about this now? Tickets are on sale today as of 11am.

book In Stacey Lender's debut novel City Mouse, some of it takes place on the UWS, and some of it takes place in the 'burbs. And for a young mom used to the former, there's the rub.

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Up Next, the skint

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