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photography Before this gets all Who's On First, Wyatt Gallery is not a gallery. He's a photographer. And his show at Foley Gallery (which is a gallery) makes the case that meditation is in the eye of the beholder. The artist sees those advertising spaces on subway walls—those accretions of paper scraps—as an invitation to mindfulness. Subtext II: Meditations is on view through June 25th.

Never before seen images by Larry Fink of a few days in the spring of 1966 show Warhol and his gang in their prime. They're in the new book Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s.

music An evening of 'feel-good, harmony-focused music' is promised for June 28 at Le Poisson Rouge when Elizabeth and the Catapult is joined by the Britpop Choir and the Brooklynite Choir. Tickets are $10.

crafts Classes, demonstrations and exhibitions will take place over two days as part of the Craft in Focus festival, June 3-4, at Industry City. Advance tickets are $15.

tv On Netflix, Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower is the inspiring story of a young activist and the fight over Hong Kong's sovereignty.

Also on Netflix, starting June 13, a filmed performance of the Broadway comedy Oh, Hello.

out of town We don't need any excuses to visit Manitoga, Russel Wright's home, studio and 75-acre grounds. But if you do, a new pavilion will be installed for the season as of June 2, designed by PennDesign Master of Architecture students.

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Up Next, the skint

Up Next, the skint

Up Next, the skint

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